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[via Daily Candy] You prefer to take the high road, but for your next meal, stick to the streets.

Keep it real with Bun Mee, a new Vietnamese street fare resto opening in Pac Heights on Friday.

The owner is a New Orleans transplant born in Vietnam, so dishes like glass noodles and a Saigon peanut rice bowl share the menu with fried catfish. Go the sandwich route with classic (steak with lime-pepper aioli, pickled veggies, and jalapenos) and not-so-classic (the Sloppy Bun with curry ground beef, shaved onion, and Thai basil) Vietnamese variations.

With zinc countertops, vintage street food photographs, and repurposed bicycle wheel chandeliers, this is no back-alley operation. And given that items max out at $12, and the restaurant will soon deliver via a cherry red scooter, crowds will show up faster than you can say “bahn mi.”

There goes the neighborhood.


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